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What is the Full Partnership?

Orange County System of Care has a two-part governance structure which consists of the Full Partnership and the Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team. The Full Partnership meets monthly and includes families, youth and agency representatives as members, and works to strengthen the System of Care. 

The Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team is a forum for family representatives, program leaders, and policy level administrators from local schools, courts and government to work together, maintain communication and linkages and promote a creative, effective and efficient community services system which supports children and their families. They also work together to plan, develop, and evaluate services and supports for children and youth with social, emotional and behavioral challenges, and their families.

The Full Partnership

INCREASES understanding about our System of Care, advances its principles, and promotes the practice of Wraparound care in our community.

SERVES as a decision-making body.

FUNCTIONS as an open forum so that consumer concerns can be heard, and informs the Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team, as needed, on ways to respond to needs and opportunities for collaboration to meet these concerns.

What is the role of the Full Partnership?
  1. Improve the lives of youth with social, emotional and behavioral challenges, and their families.
  2. Reinforce System of Care principles through educational and/or training opportunities at each meeting.
  3. Act as a recruitment tool for the various work groups.
  4. Provide a sounding board for work groups that are seeking advice, feedback, or support.
  5. Work with the Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team to identify and develop priorities for the strategic plan.
  6. Establish an information sharing network for member agencies among themselves, the community, and with youth and family members.
What are the duties of the Full Partnership Members?
  1. Promote System of Care development and sustainability.
  2. Support the Mission and Vision.
  3. Make decisions, and when necessary, collaborate on decision-making with the Orange County Interagency Collaboration Team.
  4. Strive for broad-based participation by youth, family members and community supports, at every level of the Orange County System of Care.


What kind of participation is expected of the Full Partnership Members?

Regular attendance at meetings results in well-informed decision making and promotes greater communication within our community. Full Partnership meetings take place 11-12 times a year, for approximately 1½ - 2 hours on the third Thursday of each month, and are held at the Orange County Department of Mental Health, 30 Harriman Drive, Goshen, NY 10940. Many of the work groups meet immediately following the Full Partnership meeting at this same location.

Who can be a member?

There are no formal membership requirements. Youth, young adults and family members, work group members, system representatives (including providers), and members of the community at large are encouraged to attend.

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System of Care Wraparound Services are the highest level of community-based care available in Orange County, and we want to make sure that wraparound and care coordination services are provided to the youth and families who need them most.

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