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How To Make a Referral

How Do I Make a ReferralHow do I make a referral to Orange County
System of Care?

System of Care Intake is available by phone Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, to connect you with services and supports in Orange County’s System of Care that can help address the mental health needs of youth and young adults, and their families. We encourage you to call our Intake Line at (845) 360-6710 as a first step, to discuss your individual needs confidentially with one of our intake staff.

If the youth or young adult you are concerned about has serious and complex mental health challenges, they may be eligible for System of Care Wraparound Services. In order to be eligible for Wraparound Services, the youth or young adult must be ages 5-21, a resident of Orange County, and meet all three of the following criteria. This includes young adults, ages 18-21, who have previously accessed services only through the adult service system. Youth in residential care outside of Orange County, who will be returning to Orange County, are also eligible for System of Care services.


Eligibility Requires Meeting All Three of the Following Criteria:

1. Diagnosis of Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) The identified youth/young adult must have an AXIS I diagnosis as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) IV-TR and a Global Assessment Functioning (GAF) score of 50 or below.

2. Involved with two or more systems Department of Social Services, Probation, Mental Health, Schools.

3. AND Current challenges in successful living in the community, reflected by:

History of Psychiatric Hospitalization. Recent admission, extended stay, e.g. 2 in the past 2 years)


Lack of engagement/follow-through with Mental Health Outpatient treatment and other community-based services, despite multiple attempts.


High risk for out-of-home placement.

If you believe the youth or young adult you are concerned about meets eligibility criteria, please contact System of Care Intake, at (845) 360-6710. System of Care Wraparound is family-driven, and services are provided only by family consent. The application requires young adult or caregiver signature, so work together with the youth and family, or young adult, to explain System of Care Wraparound, fill out the required information. Detailed Instructions to Referral Sources can be found here.

Please note: The referral application for System of Care Wraparound Services is 6 pages, and collects diagnosis and detailed information. If you are not sure if your youth or young adult meets the eligibility criteria, please call us before you fill out the paperwork! To get more information and find the forms you will need, click on the following:

Instructions to Referral Sources Updated 2013

A Message to Families from the Parent Advisory Board

Your Life, Your Future an Introduction to Wraparound (pre-printed copies of this brochure are also available upon request)

Who will answer the phone when I call the System of Care?

Our System of Care intake team includes a Family Partner, an urgent care social worker, intake coordinator, mental health professional, a senior caseworker from the Department of Social Services and a Senior Probation Officer. Intake staff answer calls on a rotating basis, and work together as a team to provide support to the community.

Where is the System of Care Located?

The System of Care Intake is located in a large house, which has been converted to office space, in Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, NY, at the edge of Sally’s Dream playground. However, services and supports exist all over the county and intake staff will help connect you with resources in your own community. Wraparound meetings and ongoing team meetings are held in locations that are convenient for our youth, young adults, and their families.

Why do you need so much information on the Referral Application for Wraparound Services?

Orange County System of Care is committed to providing the least restrictive care in the least restrictive setting. The referral application gathers information that helps us determine whether the youth or young adult has needs that require our highest level of community based care.


As of September 2010, the System of Care referral form and Orange County’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) application have been combined into one application and process, to make things easier and simplify paperwork. The SPOA application has always collected detailed information in order to meet New York State requirements. The application for System of Care wraparound services now collects similar information.


The new referral application form collects most of the required information on paper at the very beginning of the process, eliminating the need for a lengthy telephone interview between the referral source and intake staff. Information that used to be collected by phone during intake is now collected on the paper referral.


The new referral application form helps intake staff provide a decision about eligibility much more quickly, helping us get back to referral source and family in a more timely manner. Decisions about eligibility are now provided based on objective eligibility criteria, and we are better able to prioritize urgent referrals based on information provided.


The length of the referral application form helps referral sources and families understand that they are applying for intensive services that require an ongoing commitment and partnership. If the length of the application is daunting, System of Care intake is available to provide assistance on filling out the form, or provide resources and linkage to other community-based services. Most of these do not require extensive referral forms.

What if I don’t have a diagnosis for the youth or young adult at the time of referral?

Due to the number of referrals received, intake staff can not process referral applications until they are accompanied by a valid diagnosis. In other words, the referral application is not complete until the diagnosis is secured. However, System of Care Intake will work with the referral source to understand the details of each circumstance, and can provide assistance in obtaining a diagnosis if transportation, insurance or access issues present as barriers. A youth or young adult in crisis, or who otherwise meets eligibility, will not be turned away because of a lack of diagnosis.

Why can’t you provide Wraparound services to everyone?

Orange County System of Care Wraparound Services are the highest level of community based care available in Orange County. Our resources are finite, and we want to make sure that these services are available to youth and young adults, and families, who need them.


Intensive services are appropriate and necessary for youth and young adults with complex and serious needs, but are an intrusion in the lives of families who don’t need this level of care.


Wraparound requires a commitment from an entire team of people who support the youth and family, or young adult, in achieving their goals. In wraparound, individual care coordination and individualized family support are provided through a high fidelity wraparound approach that involves team meetings held every 2-4 weeks, on average.


When we provide wraparound services to youth, young adults and families who don’t need this level of care, team meetings are not a productive use of time. Referral sources, community supports and providers can begin to question whether the commitment to wraparound is worth it. This makes it hard to engage a team for the youth or young adult who really needs a wraparound approach.


Orange County System of Care is committed to providing services that are appropriate to the individual needs of each youth or young adult, and their families.

I’m just the referral source. Why have I been asked to be part of the Wraparound meeting?

Referral into System of Care Wraparound is not simply a referral to “a program”. Usually it is a commitment to an ongoing partnership with the youth or young adult, and their family. Wraparound teams help the family work towards their goals, and in the end, help them transition from a place of crisis to successful life in their community. If you are making a referral to System of Care Wraparound Services, chances are that you are part of the support system in the life of the youth or young adult, and their family. If you are invited to the wraparound meeting, the family has said that you are important to them, and that you can play a role in helping them move towards wellness and recovery.



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System of Care Wraparound Services are the highest level of community-based care available in Orange County, and we want to make sure that wraparound and care coordination services are provided to the youth and families who need them most.

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