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What is System of Care?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the help you need for a youth or young adult that you care about. The right programs and services are not always easy to find, especially in times of crisis. Eligibility criteria can be confusing and often a youth or young adult's needs do not fit neatly into a single box that can be addressed by one agency or system. Acronyms and agency lingo can be an "alphabet soup", and a family may not know where to turn. Without support, and a helping hand from caring people who are familiar with "the system", the road to wellness and recovery for a youth or young adult with serious mental health needs, and their families, can be a long and lonely one.

Orange County System of Care has made a commitment to work together with youth and families to make our system better. We have developed a one-stop, single "pathway to care" for children and youth with serious mental health needs, and their families. Our intake staff
include partners from Orange County Departments of Social Services, Probation and Mental Health, and Family Support (because the best help comes from someone who knows what you are going through). We opened our doors on February 22, 2010, and together we are working hard to make sure that help is easy to access, family-driven, and tailored to the needs of each youth, young adult, and family.

Through Orange County System of Care, youth and families, and providers

can call one number and receive:

  • One-stop telephone access to multiple county agencies, and Orange County's Family
    Support Program.
  • Linkage and referrals to community-based services and supports.
  • Cross-system case conferencing, as necessary.
  • Individual family support and carecoordination, and high-fidelity wraparound services, for children, youth and young adults who meet federal System of Care and state Single Point of Access (SPOA) eligibility criteria.

Orange County System of Care has an extensive array of services and supports that is available to the children and families of our community. You will read about many of these resources and programs on this website.

Within our System of Care, one of the services that your youth or young adult may be eligible for, is System of Care Wraparound Services. This is the highest level of community-based care that is available in Orange County. Because we received a federal "System of Care" grant in 2008, wraparound services and the federal initiative are the major focus of this website. On these pages, you will find in-depth information, referral forms, and evaluation information, for Orange County System of Care Wraparound Services.

Youth and young adults with complex mental health needs, and their families, are encouraged to become part of Orange County's System of Care, and join us in the effort to make things better for others in our community. We are currently recruiting parents and caregivers to be part of our Parent Advisory Board, and youth and young adults to be part of our Youth Advisory Council. Our goal is to "transform" our community's mental health system over the next four years.

Whether the youth or young adult you care about is eligible for Wraparound Services, needs a referral to a mental health clinic, or you want to know whether your young person's self esteem could improve by participating in the Youth Bureau's Summer Leadership Academy, System of Care is here for you. Our Intake Staff are available to answer your questions, help you determine eligibility for wraparound services (even before you fill out the paperwork), and connect you to appropriate resources in our community.

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System of Care Wraparound Services are the highest level of community-based care available in Orange County, and we want to make sure that wraparound and care coordination services are provided to the youth and families who need them most.

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